Basic Amenities

40 gallons of Operational water for the kitchen and bathroom, functioning stove top, refrigerator and internal lighting. The fresh battery that is included runs your lights and water pump.  Excessive use of the lights will run down your battery fast. There is a $40 fee to replace your battery with a fresh one.   If you have a generator this will recharge your battery and you won’t have to worry about using lights at your discretion.  The camper ovens are not functional.   The stove tops are usable. We do not offer water tank refill,  though the Park does have showers and water available.

Interior Supplies

Trash receptacle with extra bags, 2 rolls of paper towels, 2 rolls of toilet paper. A broom and dust pan with some glass cleaner are there so you can clean up before you leave. We include extra throw rugs to keep the sand out of your bed, and a freshly cleaned mattress pad for each bed with every new patron. Any cooking or eating utensils you will need to bring. The Fridge will be cold when you arrive.

Exterior Supplies

Large outdoor trash bags, large Indoor/outdoor entrance mat (or, as we call it, “grass”), and entrance foot wash bucket to prevent additional sand from entering your camper.  There are no awnings due to extreme wind conditions.

Solar-panel-imageA 100w Solar Panel comes with each camper rental.  While you should be conscious of not using too much battery power while you are ‘off the grid’,  these panels will help keep the battery charged ensuring you have uninterrupted use of camper lights, water pump and other 12v accessories.


For generator rentals please call “Lake Front Express” at 303-909-6971. Tell them you are renting from the kite ranch and they will bring the gen to the RV


A Few Rules

No smoking of ANY kind within the campers. A $100 cleaning fee will be charged if the campers smell like smoke.

No Littering.  You are responsible for your trash.  DO NOT put trash into a fire pit.  Glass bottles, cans and pallet nails will not melt away.  It is dangerous and we all risk loosing the privilege to have fire on the beach.

A $100 fine will be charged if trash of any kind is found in or around fire pit.


Park Camping Fees

  • You can purchase your vehicle park pass on line at: 
  • There is a resident and non-resident fee.  You can also purchase these passes on your way in at the Visitors center just before you cross the dam.  Passes can also be purchased at both convenience stores which are located on the north and south side of the dam.
  • There is also a separate camping fee for anyone camping inside the State Recreation Area in addition to your park permit.  Fees are $35/night for a full service pad with water, sewer and electric, $25/night for an electric only campground, and $10/night for “primitive” camping (no electrical hook-ups) everywhere else, either on the beach or the grassy areas. (October 15 through May 1, off-season rates are $18/night for electric only and $8/night for primitive camping.)
  • The primitive beach fee allows for 1 camping unit (tent/camper/vehicle). An additional tent for underage children is permitted. However 2 tents occupied by adults would require 2 primitive camping fees.
    You can pay for camping via self-pay stations (“iron rangers”) located at each modern campground and at all park entrances, and at Entrance Booths during peak summer hours.  Half of all  modern campground pads are available by reservation only at
  • The daily camper park admission fee of $10.00 per day or $18.00 per day at Lone eagle campground with electrical hookups.  Fees will be prepaid on your behalf by TKR Campers upon camper placement, and will be reimbursed to TKR at the time of billing for service.  You will be required by park services to also pay admission for any additional vehicles that will be utilizing the grounds upon arrival.  If you have already purchased an annual park pass for your vehicle, this fee will not apply.

New Cancellation Policy for RV Rentals:
We require a one night reservation fee at the time when you make your reservation. This will be applied to your rental bill at the end of your stay. If you must cancel please give TKR advanced notice.

30 Day Notice: 100% Full Refund

Less Than 30 Day Notice: No Refund
Anything cancellation within 30 days of rental date we do not refund any deposits unless we are able to get the camper
rented out in place of your reservation.

We will start taking reservations again Feb 1st of 2019. Just as a heads up we are fully booked up by the 1st of April with our entire fleet.  Please be mindful there is high demand for our exclusive beach camping rentals, if you must cancel please let us know soon as possible.

Thanks again for coming to The Kite Ranch!

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