Includes a $80 dollar value for the tow. We set you up on the beach, level the camper and have it ready with water and fresh battery.  At an additional fee we rent generators that will run the A/C.  Generator rentals run $60/day for 8hrs use per day.  They come full of fuel and include a gas can if you need to purchase more fuel while you are here. The RV’s do not include shade so we suggest you bring a 10′ x 10′ shade canopy with good stakes for sand.
You will not have to pay additional fees for the vehicle day pass, but you are still responsible for daily camping fees.  TKR Camping will pay these fees upfront to the park on your behalf, and will be reimbursed for those fees through the regular billing process.
They come bare bones. They come with two rolls of paper towels, two rolls of toilet paper, a broom and dust pan.  You will need to bring any cooking utensils or eating utensils you will need.  The beds all have fresh mattress pads on them, you will need to bring your own bedding and blankets.  Lots of renters bring sleeping bags for the kids or lots of comforters and blankets with a sheet on the bottom. There are no cleaning fees unless you leave the camper trashed.  There is a $50 cleaning fee if this is the case.  All we ask is you take your trash when you go, sweep out the camper the best you can and wipe down counters.   The beach gets toasty during the day and very pleasantly cool at night… so be prepared for both extremes.  Additional lighting is a must.  Also bring your friendliest attitude!  Many of the people that come in campers are “regulars” on the beach and love to make friends.  Being a good neighbor and taking care of your trash will go a long way with our beach veterans, and most likely, you’ll be invited to join in campfire fun all around you!  We can assure you, when you return, you will always recognize a few faces.
Though you will feel like you are on a deserted island, happily you are minutes away from the normal amenities of “city life”.  The Ogallala community hospital is located just 15 minutes from the beach, if, god forbid you should need their services.  Also, incidental items can usually be found at the convenience store near the entrance of Lake Mac, and if there is anything you cannot locate , the town of Ogallala has plenty of supermarkets, pharmacies, and retail shopping for your convenience.
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