Beach Camping

Let’s address the most important question at hand…..Why camp on the beach using TKR Campers?

Rather than simply explain the reason, I will try to “paint the picture” for you…. It’s Friday, and it’s been a long week. The weather for the weekend looks fantastic, and you are looking forward to a visit to sunny Lake McConaughy this weekend. The lake is like nothing you can find anywhere else in the Midwest. It’s fluffy white sand and clear waters make it a very popular location to celebrate this great summer weather.  Now,  most people set off for the lake with their tents and their campers and they are either trying to find a spot in one of the campground parks (which happen to be pretty far from the beach), or they will try to contend with the wind and the sand to set up camp using a tent. They attempt to get close to the water, only to inevitably end up setting their tent stakes in the trees, potentially hundreds of yards from the water’s edge, just to avoid the gusty wind of Lake Mac. 
But, you aren’t THAT person. Instead, you leave work Friday afternoon, go home to gather your family and needed supplies for the weekend ahead.  You go about your evening at a leisurely pace and hit the road for Lake Mac knowing that even though you have potentially a few hours of driving time ahead of you, your arrival to you camping location will be uneventful.  When you arrive at a prime location TKR Campers has selected on your behalf, you are welcomed by a bright moon, and accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and amazingly close to the water’s edge.  You unpack your things in a relaxed manner, and you even have time to grab your chair and a beverage before settling in for the night.  Stoke up a bonfire,  sit and relax – listening to the waves rushing in the moonlight, and smile, because you know that everything is taken care of.  All of your guests are comfortable in the shelter of your camper – which will, in the coming days, provide shelter from the sun or any potential adverse weather conditions that you may encounter. So rain, wind or shine, you are all sure to remain comfortable. THIS is why you camp on the beach using TKR Campers! Now….  Enjoy your stay!


P.S. If you ever decide to make the transition to camper ownership, please know that we also offer storage! Click here for more information.

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