We are starting a new chapter in our life. The Kite Ranch and TKR Campers have been sold to a great guy. Adam Alfano is the new owner of the tow business to the beach and the camper rentals.  He now owns our phone number 308-280-1203.

Any towing questions or camper rentals should be directed to Adam.

Thanks for the Business!


TKR Campers was created in reaction to the demand for beach-friendly camping in the frequently windy conditions of Lake McConaughy (Lake Mac). A sister company to The Kite Ranch, TKR Campers provided its clientele of kite boarders and water sport enthusiasts the ability to come enjoy their sport on the beautiful sandy shores of Lake Mac in the windiest of conditions, while still enjoying the comforts of home. From there, popularity for the services that TKR Campers supplied, and liaison services to the local atmosphere, helped it grow into a thriving business. TKR Campers are not only for the sport enthusiast, but also the weekend warriors and their families- proudly serving the people that come to the lake for its beauty, serenity, and recreation.

Our mission is to serve you, and to help your family and friends enjoy our beautiful lake for years to come.

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